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Guess what?! I’m engaged!

I just want to say thank you. - Matchmaking Member

I was really hesitant to join any meetups or jump back into dating and this has given me confidence and provided a safe place to meet people and find new friends and a new relationship that has been a joy and just no pressure.  One moment at a time and just see where life takes us is where we are at.

*Well, I am happy, very happy to report that, thanks to Jacqueline, I have found the woman of my dreams on this site! and am officially, “off the market”!The “one on one” meeting with her made all the difference…Blessings to all who are signed up! Keep the faith, keep smiling and above all, don’t give up on LOVE! Wow! She really loves me!!!

*Well, I am impressed.
For my first encounter with “Jacqueline”, I didn’t know what to expect, however I must say, you really did listen to my needs… That is “a breath of fresh air and gives me hope”…..that there are men who can move on after a long relationship or marriage to attempt “love” again!”

Great message from one of our Elite Matchmaking clients..."I did want you to know you picked a great one for me...! That’s the kind of guy I’m looking for."

Knows their stuff!!!!!  
I am new to “the agency” but with just the few contacts I have had with Jacqueline I am acutely aware she knows her stuff! Relaxed, warm, open to who I am and where I am going… highly recommend following this path!

Thank you Jacqueline –
If it were not for you and my counselor I would have passed on Bob AND MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Thank God for you! It is after you and I talked that I called Bob, had him take me to dinner  and told him “I was now on the same page with him and was willing to see where “us” would go!

*I wanted to thank you Jacqueline for your support. Just by accident you introduced me to a great guy while out dancing. We had gone out on several dates but I had some concerns regarding how to move forward. It felt so great to be able to call you and get your support as well as your help to clear my head. After talking with you I feel more comfortable with giving him more time to see where this could go. This may not have been a match you created but knowing you are there to help guide me makes this a whole lot less scary. Thank you so much!!

I’ve been meaning to write you because I met a wonderful man about two months ago  He fits your description down to personality and physicality! Thanks again for all your support and guidance on this incredible journey, I’m so grateful for this magical life.

Love to you!

*We were just talking about you the other night. We both agree that we probably never would have met if it were not for you and that it was like being introduced through a good friend. We DO have a happy relationship. Everything is going really great and we really enjoy each others company.

*Things are going terrific with…!!!! He’s a great guy and we are having a lot of fun together. Thanks for matching us up and for listening so well during that initial interview. I was only looking for one and so far your first match has been perfect. We are finding that we have a lot in common and share a lot of the same values which makes the relationship very comfortable from both sides. Hopefully I won’t need your services any more. I would hate to jinx it and say to you the only person you fixed me up with turned out to be the perfect match for me but so far that’s what I’m thinking.

"I have the privilege of knowing and working with Jacqueline both personally and professionally.  Professionally speaking Jacqueline is a life-altering-necessity.  With her years of experience and high success rate matching her clients with their soulmates, it’s hard for her to keep her clients.  The best part is when a successful match is made, these couples often continue attending her classes, mingles and workshops to share their story and continue learning.  Jacqueline teaches it is not just about finding love but enjoying it and keeping it for years to come.  Professional matchmaker and angle intuitive, she is the modern day Cupid (big heart, wings, angels and all).  Single she will coach you to find what you really want, even when you don’t know to ask for it.  In relationships she helps you be the best partner you can be.  I think at this point it should be clear no matter what your relationship status is, Jacqueline needs to be in your little black book or necessary resources."

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