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How would it feel like to find your perfect match without time-consuming & oftentimes futile dating apps? 
To actually be introduced to someone professionally hand-selected for YOU and increase your chances of dating success tenfold?

Well... We're so happy that you are here because supporting you to meet pre-qualified and custom-selected singles that are seriously looking for a healthy, long-term, and loving relationships is EXACTLY what we do!

You know it's time to change up how you're looking for your love match!

Because you're done getting frustrated. You're done going on dates with people who are not serious. You're done aimlessly searching for your next partner without any success (let's face it professionals like yourself don't have time to waste like this).

If you're truly ready to find Mr. or Ms. right without the burden of having to look for them yourself, it's time to let a professional help you discover your next match and send high-quality date suggestions your way! 

This means you'll never, ever have to go on another random (and most likely failed) date with a total stranger ever again.

At Discover Love Matches we take care of the matchmaking process for you.

We do the searching for you as your professional matchmaker! 

Yes, you can delete your assortment of dating apps or at least hold off swiping forever.

Or, if you've never added a dating app to your phone we are  thrilled for you to bypass this distraction and let us take care of the details for your search.

With your busy life, delegating the initial screening process to a successful date and ultimately relationship is the BEST decision you can ever make. 

How would it feel to only be engaging with quality singles actually worthy to meet and who are ready to meet you?

Let's simplify the process to find love and actually enjoy the journey.

At Discover Love Matches we can support you in your journey to finding love in two ways: 




This is our most popular and successful service. We work closely with you and actively search for your true love. As a professional matchmaking client we’ll go in-depth with you to discover all about your dreams and the relationship you seek!

Our unique combination of making introductions via our private membership site and professional coaching ensures that you meet genuine singles looking to find their love match.




You'll have the opportunity to get matched with our private clients when you join our private database. As a database member we’ll ask you an abundance of questions during your consultation and build a file on you so when a matchmaking client hires us we’ll know if you could be their perfect match and set you two up!

There are a lot of websites and apps out there that claim to be able to help you find your soulmate. But so many of these apps come with a whole host of complications: 

  • Spammers 

  • Online trolls

  • Even dangerous individuals that don’t get filtered

  • Fake profiles

  • Ghosting

  • Your privacy exposed

  • Messages from lots of people you would never be attracted to in real life

Plus many are NOT run by professionals working for you but instead an algorithm for random suggestions. If you’ have tried any of these, you know just how frustrating the process can become.

If you’re looking to prioritize your dream to fall in love it’s time to  take positive steps towards finding love and have our agency make professional match suggestions for you.

Use the button to begin your registration and sign up for your 90-minute Dating Action Plan - private one on one consultation to be proactive on your dating journey. We'll do a deep dive into what you are truly looking for and create an action plan to successfully move forward on your love journey. Explore details about yourself and the relationship you desire. Includes six month membership in our Database or add an Executive Matchmaking Membership customized for you. 

Not Ready to Hire Us for Professional Matchmaking Just Yet?

That’s okay too! Take a moment to join our Private Database Membership and schedule your 30-minute consultation so that we can begin telling our private matchmaking clients about you. Through our newsletters, you’ll receive additional tips and tools for your own dating success.

We are passionate about love and would be honored to help you!

It's time you get back to romance and flirting, especially when you know you're about to meet someone incredible. 

We have worked for years to qualify incredible singles and can't wait to begin making introductions for you.

Are you someone our clients have asked for us to find for them? Sign up and we'll discover more about you!

Believing in love,


Founder, Professional Matchmaker and Love Advocate

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