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Let’s break all the rules of dating!

Choose the dating and love life you dream of and, together, we'll make it happen for you!

Ready to own your choices and feel confident in who you are and the type of person you desire to attract?

Can you envision yourself having the confidence to go on dates with the individuals you are attracted to and increase your chances of dating success tenfold?

Well, we’re so happy that you’re here, because supporting you in finding quality singles who are seriously looking for healthy, long-term, and loving relationships is EXACTLY what we do!

You are in the right place if you:

  • Are done wondering what to do next on your love search
  • Have you been getting frustrated wondering where all the quality singles are
  • Can’t image going on another date with a random stranger
  • Are done going on dates with people who are not serious or genuine 
  • Are you worn out from dating that is unproductive and unfulfilling
  • Are done aimlessly searching for your next partner without any success (let's face it, professionals like yourself don't have time or energy to waste like this)
  • Have read enough dating app profiles to really question if your person would actually be on a mass media site
  • Are ready to actually make a serious investment and effort to be productive with dating, while enjoying the journey

It’s time to change how you look for your love match!

Since you're truly ready to find Mr. or Ms. Right, it's time to hire a professional who will support you in discovering your love match and finally surround yourself with preapproved quality singles. As someone who is successful in life, you deserve to become more selective with whom you go on dates with and create a meaningful connection!

This means feeling prepared and excited for a successful date instead of just saying "YES" to whoever shows an interest in you or asking people out that you know are an easy "YES."

At Discover Love Matches, we take the time to truly get to know you and what you are looking for from the deepest part of your heart.

We guide you on your search for your love match while providing private access to real profiles of genuine singles!

How would it feel to only engage with quality singles worth meeting and who are ready to meet you?

Let's simplify the process of finding love while actually supporting your journey.


Become a member today!

Sign up for a 30-minute private consultation or a 90-minute dating action plan so we can discover you beyond your profile.

Our agency is exclusively for singles whom we get to know beyond just their profiles. We have a personal connection with our members unlike random online dating apps.

We look forward to learning more about you and the relationship you desire!

After your consultation you'll be included in our Little Black Book for our higher-level members to discover you.

To learn more about becoming a member - click here

Ready for a jumpstart on your dating journey with additional guidance and professional advice? 

  • Let's connect and do a deep-dive on your dreams for the loving relationship you desire!

  • Together, we'll pull back the layers of what is stopping you from finding your love match and what steps you can take to move yourself in a positive direction while attracting the relationship you are seeking. 

  • To become a preapproved single in our agency you need to complete a 30-minute or 90-minute consultation.

    • The better we know you, the better we can promote you to our members. At our 90-minute appointment we can learn more about you and equip you with tools for productive dating.

  • After your Dating Action Plan, you'll be added to our Little Black Book Membership for our higher-level members to learn about you.

  • If you wish for additional support and access to our private profiles you'll have options to upgrade your membership. We'll explore programs and services to support you.

  • Enjoy this one time fee with no-renewals necessary. As long as you are single and keep your profile active, we'll keep letting our members know about you!

  • If you’re looking to prioritize your dream of falling in love, it’s time to take positive steps toward discovering your love match. 

  • Schedule your consultation - 30-minutes or 90-minutes.


We’ll kick off your membership with a 90-minute Dating Action Plan private consultation so we can discover you beyond your profile.

Begin learning about preapproved singles after your consultation - CLICK HERE to Become A Member

If you’re looking to prioritize your dream of falling in love, it’s time to take positive steps toward discovering your love match.

Discover true LOVE MOMENTUM on your love journey!

You'll have a personalized opportunity to work with Jacqueline in a private process so that you don't have to go out into the dating world alone. Enjoy continual video, phone, and email support throughout your membership.

We’ll tell you about members in our agency whom we’ve preapproved and expand your insight to discover singles offline.

As a confident single, you can often miss out on potential matches right in front of you because you are used to being pursued. Let’s break the rules and find who you want and not just who wants to date you.

For more information, check out Work With Jacqueline.

Are you looking for a very intimate program to find your love match and become a TOP PRIORITY CLIENT?

Our Executive Matchmaking is a very exclusive service. We begin first with a 90-minute dating action plan to understand the type of person you desire to meet and discover the best ways to support your search.

Your Executive Membership is customized to your specific needs and match requests. We develop a targeted marketing plan to expand our search for the people you desire to meet.

We work very closely with you and actively search for your true love. 

Experience the ULTIMATE program while we cast the widest net in discovering the best love match that your heart craves to be with. Receive unlimited match options on our quest for your dream match connection.

Our unique combination of making introductions through expanded searches that fit your match criteria and professional coaching ensures that you meet genuine singles seeking to discover someone like yourself.

Experience a private, one-on one consultation with professional matchmaker Jacqueline, and explore details about yourself and the relationship you desire. To learn more, go to Executive Matchmaking.

Not Ready to Hire Discover Love Matches Just Yet?

That’s okay too! Take an action step right now and enroll in our How To Date With Ease online course to progress yourself step by step through successful dating education.

  • You'll have full access to the course from the very start.
  • Jump in and do all of it at once or take your time and work at your own pace.
  • It's your digital date refresher!

We are passionate about love and would be honored to support you in moving forward on your love journey!

It's time you get back to romance and flirting, especially when you know you're genuinely desiring to meet someone incredible.

Why wait any longer for true love? Join our love agency TODAY!

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