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Msg from a matchmaking client... "I thought we had a great time together. I really liked her. Conversation was easy, and it seemed we were interested in whatever the other had to say. Never an awkward silence. She's very attractive, smart, independent and seems like an easy-going person. After we had our lonnnggg...dinner (which was great because we were connecting and time flew by) we went to a movie, spontaneously.

Great first date! We're planning on getting together again this week."

We’re so happy that you’re here, because supporting you in finding quality singles who are seriously looking for healthy, long-term, and loving relationships is EXACTLY what we do!

You are in the right place if you:

  • Are done wondering what to do next on your love search.

  • Have you been getting frustrated wondering where all the quality singles are?

  • Can’t imagine going on another date with a random stranger.

  • Are done going on dates with people who are not serious or genuine?

  • Are worn out from dating that is unproductive and unfulfilling

  • Are done aimlessly searching for your next partner without any success (let's face it, professionals like yourself don't have time or energy to waste like this).

  • Have read enough dating app profiles to really question if your person would actually be on a mass media site.
Are ready to actually make a serious investment and effort to be productive with dating, while enjoying the journey?

It’s time to change how you look for your love match!

Since you're truly ready to find Mr. or Ms. Right, it's time to hire a professional who will support you in discovering your love match and finally surround yourself with preapproved quality singles. As someone who is successful in life, you deserve to become more selective with whom you go on dates with and create a meaningful connection!

At Discover Love Matches, we take the time to truly get to know you and what you are looking for from the deepest part of your heart.

We guide you on your search for your love match through events with quality singles and private access to real profiles of preapproved people!

How would it feel to only engage with quality singles worth meeting and who are ready to meet you?

Let's simplify the process of finding love while actually enjoying your journey.

Become A Preapproved Member

Join Love Matches Elite

❥ 15-Minute Virtual Confirmation Appointment with a member of our staff - we make sure you are real and a good addition to our Elite community.

❥ Create and keep a personal profile active in our private database for one year (you won’t receive access to profiles unless you sign up for an upgrade program BUT our Love Matches Delight clients can see your profile to select you as their match!) 

❥ Take the first step in becoming a Discover Love Matches Database client available to be matched.

❥ Have the opportunity to be selected as a potential match for our Executive clients.

❥ Can register for our member-only events to meet event attendees who could easily be your next genuine relationship.

❥ No guarantee you'll be selected for matchmaking but it's the only way to be on our list of preapproved options for our clients.

❥ Know that you are doing something positive and productive for the right quality singles to learn about you!


Dating Action Plan For Executives

90- Minute Virtual Consultation With Jacqueline, The Matchmaker

❥ Take the first step in becoming an Executive Professional Matchmaking client.

❥ Receive a 90-Minute Private Virtual Consultation with Jacqueline, The Matchmaker.

❥ Add your profile to our Member Portal for Jacqueline to begin discovering potential match options after you upgrade to one of our Executive Matchmaking Packages.

❥ Complete a deep dive session to gain clarity about the best steps to move forward on your dating journey. 

❥ Experience a valuable opportunity for Jacqueline to learn about you and the relationship you desire.

❥ Non-refundable consultation fee to be considered for private coaching and professional matchmaking.

❥ Included in our database of preapproved singles for one year.

❥ Upgrade membership options will be based on the type of people you desire to be matched with and the level of coaching your request.


Executive Matchmaking

Ready for a professional to discover your potential matches? As an Executive you deserve the best opportunities for quality introductions! We look forward to learning about you.

Become an Executive client
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You'll have the opportunity to get matched with our private clients when you join our Love Matches private database. As a LME member we’ll ask you an abundance of questions during your consultation and build a file on you so when a matchmaking client hires us we’ll know if you could be their perfect match and set you two up!

There are a lot of websites and apps out there that claim to be able to help you find your soulmate. But so many of these apps come with a whole host of complications: 

  • Spammers 

  • Online trolls

  • Even dangerous individuals that don’t get filtered

  • Fake profiles

  • Ghosting

  • Your privacy exposed

  • Messages from lots of people you would never be attracted to in real life

Plus many are NOT run by professionals working for you but instead an algorithm for random suggestions. If you’ have tried any of these, you know just how frustrating the process can become.

If you’re looking to prioritize your dream to fall in love it’s time to  take positive steps towards finding love and have our agency make professional match suggestions for you.

Book A Free 20-Min Q&A Discovery Call

Find out if our matchmaking agency is the right program for you! Gain more clarity about our process on your discovery call.

Schedule a discovery call

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Phone: (503) 877-4446

Email: info@discoverlovematches.com