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How would it feel to finally find your true love?

Discover Love Matches started back in 2010 when founder Jacqueline Nichols decided to put her spiritual gifts in the service of those looking for their true love match. We are a bona fide professional matchmaking agency devoted to making our members’ experience in finding, enjoying and keeping love truly special and unique. Our best reward is to enable true love connections and we work with every one of our members to suit his or her individual needs and support them on their love journey.

There are moments in our lives when we realize in order to find better results, we need to do things differently!

You probably have met people in your daily life, gone one a few dates, or even mastered the swipe left or right feature of your dating app. The question often lingers though, of whether this is the best way to meet the right partner for you.

Take a moment to look at your own dating journey:

  • What do you want in a relationship? 

  • Have you found these qualities in people you’ve met on your own? 

  • Are you actually enjoying dating?

  • Do you ever just wish you had professional guidance to say “yes” this person is a keeper or “no” move on and don’t waste anymore time?

  • Ever date someone and just feel they are nice but something is missing and wonder if you are settling for less than you desire?

  • Do you worry you’ll be single forever or you'll keep dating the wrong people?

At Discover Love Matches we are here to introduce you to incredible people through our unique process of actually knowing our members beyond their profiles. We make genuine connections so you aren’t wasting your precious time or energy dating random people

When searching for your forever love you’re seeking the most important love connection. Why just leave it to chance or frustrating dating apps that leave you feeling defeated over and over again ?

We provide privacy and professionalism with an excellent team working behind the scenes to introduce you to the absolute most amazing people.

Your romantic relationship is one of the most important pieces of your life, so isn't it important that you find the BEST OF THE BEST! When it comes to love you deserve to have a pure level of confidence that you are with the person you have been meant to discover.

At Discover Love Matches, we are PASSIONATE about love and making connections between two people that could build a dream filled life together. Our hearts skip a beat just like yours do when you tell us “Thank you for introducing you to such a perfect match. We are both so grateful.”

We believe in our members and know that together we create opportunities you wouldn’t experience by searching on your own. The best part is that we are still with you even after love has been found. For many of our clients it is new to trust and love again or even for the first time. As a professional matchmaking client we get to know you so we can give you guidance and support to build a successful foundation for a long future.

It’s amazing how many of our success couples say they felt safe to discover someone new in fewer dates than they had experienced on their own because they knew we had their back. This allows our clients to make deeper connections by dating quality people whenever they meet someone through our professional matchmaking suggestions. 

Can you imagine what it would feel like to go on a date knowing that you were professionally selected for one another? 

  • No more being stood up 

  • No more dates with people who are not seeking a long-term relationship 

  • No more having to do it all alone 

  • No more wondering if you’ll have anything in common

  • No more boring dates

  • No more chatting with fake or dishonest people

Discover Love Matches clients are attractive, successful, high quality singles who are genuinely ready to find love. They are often very successful in their career and lifestyle with the only missing aspect is to have the right person to share their wonderful life with.

When you are informed, confident and trusting in the process, you will enjoy dating and connecting with quality people. Your one-on-one consultation with Matchmaker Jacqueline will get you on the path towards the love story you seek. 

We invite you to meet for a private consultation with Jacqueline, The Matchmaker!

Select to become an Executive Matchmaking Client or a Database Member to begin your journey for a personal and professional process to find love:


  • Private Dating Action Plan - 90 Minute Dating Action Plan Consultation - $500 

Ready to be proactive on your dating journey and become a professional matchmaking client?

Desiring dating advice to work through some obstacles and make a plan of action for your future dating opportunities?

Invest in your dreams for true love.

Benefits of 90 Minute Private Dating Action Plan Consultation:

  • * Meet with Professional Matchmaker Jacqueline for a deep dive into what you are looking for and what you have to offer someone in a relationship. 
  • * The more we learn about you, the better we can  discover the best membership program to benefit your goals to find love.

* Step by step initial consultation will give you specific tools with an Action Plan to prioritize your process.

* Come with dating advice questions and we'll cover as much as we can during our time together.

* If you are not ready to select a Professional Matchmaking Membership then you'll receive six months in our Database Membership.


  • Sign Up For Your One On One Session - 30 Minute Private Consultation plus six months in our private database - $250

Ready to find true love and expand your opportunities to be matched with the person of your dreams?

You'll add your profile to our membership site so our members can start learning about you!

We look forward to telling our members about you after we learn more during your consultation.

Give yourself the gift of achieving your dreams and hire our agency to professionally discover the most incredible singles ready to meet you!

We aren't about algorithms - We are real people introducing real people. We look forward to walking with you every step of the way to discover your love match!

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