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As a Discover Love Matches client, we want you to enjoy the dating process. Dating doesn’t just have to be a means to an end, but can be a very fun experience. We want to give you the tools to love the process of finding love.

As a client of our agency, we know that if you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to have fun. You can confidently meet our members knowing that everyone has connected with a member of our staff and has been deemed a high caliber individual worthy of matching with our clients. Discover Love Matches clients are attractive, successful, high quality singles who are genuinely ready to find love.

When you are informed, confident and trusting in the process, you will enjoy dating and connecting more. One on one consultation with Matchmaker Jacqueline will help you refine what you are looking for, and help define who you are as you open up to love. Matched with our continued educational opportunities with Discover Love Academy, you will gain the self-confidence and knowledge required to take pleasure in the process of meeting your special someone.

We have an invitation for you!

Select a consultation or to become a Gold Member to start your membership:

  • One on One session - 30 Minute Consultation - $99
Option to purchase before adding profile

    Let's get together and talk about your dating goals and discover a plan for your relationship opportunities

    Ready to find true love and expand your search for the person of your dreams?

    You'll also add your profile to our membership site so we can get started learning about you!

    Let's discover clarity in what you want and how to move forward on your journey.

    • Dating Action Plan - 90 Minute Initial Matchmaking Consultation - $225 - 
    Option to purchase before adding profile

      Ready to be pro-active on your dating journey and become a professional matchmaking client?

      Invest in your dreams for true love.

      Benefits of Matchmaking Consultation:

      • Meet with professional matchmaker Jacqueline to discover which membership program will best benefit your goals to Find Love.
      • Share details about you and the relationship you desire to discover. 
      • Step by step initial consultation will give you specific tools with an Action Plan to prioritize your process.

      Join our active list of eligible singles and we'll encourage the best Private Matchmaking clients to discover you.

      As a Discover Love Matches member, you inspire us to continually create opportunities to keep you engaged in the process to find love. We believe in supporting your love journey every step of the way. Our agency is very unique and we pride ourselves for inviting the best singles to join in. We want to give you the tools to love the process toward finding love.

      If you aren't ready to invest in one of our Private Matchmaking programs we highly recommend you at least start with being a Pre-Approved Member. We have two starting membership levels to choose from ~ Basic or Gold! You Pick!

      We keep our list of eligible singles very exclusive and seek quality singles looking for a long term love match to join in as a potential match for our private clients. Plus at our Gold level you will be included in our Private FB group and love coaching membership perks!

      Become a Basic Level member or a Gold Level Member to start your monthly membership:

      • Basic Little Black Book Level Membership - Keep active in our not-so-little-black-book - $25/qr. - 
      Option to purchase before adding profile

      Attend events and join our exclusive list of pre-approved eligible singles!

      Let us share your wonderful qualities with select private clients. We look forward to you catching the attention of our incredible eligible singles.

      • Become a part of our private membership program. You will be eligible to be matched with our private matchmaking clients.
      • Quarterly program to keep pre-approved eligible singles available for our clients to meet.
      • No auto renew... you decide each quarter if you are going to keep active in our agency. 
      • Attend events to receive 30 days basic membership extension each time you pay for and attend an event
      • Your profile will only be available for our exclusive private clients to view and request an introduction to meet you personally.
      • At this membership level you don’t have access to view profiles of members. Ask questions when you receive an email from one of our members to keep the conversation going.
      • Keep an eye on your inbox for a message when you spark our client’s attention.

      It's time to sign up to increase your chances to find the LOVE you Desire!

      • Become a Gold Member - $175/qr
        Inner Circle Membership

            Join Our Exclusive List of Pre-Approved Eligible Singles and Discover Gold Level Members! $175/qr

            Quarterly Program

            Gold Membership has its privileges. Enjoy access to view profiles of other Gold Level Members. Additionally your profile will also be visible to our entire Higher Level Private Matchmaking Members to discover you a as a potential match.

            • Enjoy direct access to view and message other Gold level members for friendship and dating opportunities

            • Throughout your membership we'll promote you to our private matchmaking clients to discover more about you.

            • Your profile will be visible for Private Matchmaking members and GOLD members to learn about you.

            • Become a Featured Member for priority match opportunities with our Private Matchmaking members.

            • At this membership level you do not have access to view profiles of Basic, Silver, VIP, Elite or Executive members. This level gives you access to a member profiles in one level - the Gold level.

            • You will receive messages directly in your personal email when you spark someone's interest. Ask questions when you receive an email from one of our members to keep the conversation going.

            • Add your information to our exclusive list of eligible singles to become a potential match for our Private Matchmaking clients or find your match in our GOLD Group.

              It's time to discover the LOVE you Deserve

              The extraordinary, life-changing possibilities that you desire are within your grasp. My team and I will share with you how to use our proven methods to organically discover and attract a partnership that elevates, honors and excites you.

              We aren't about algorithms - We are real people introducing real people! 

              Believing in Love,

              Jacqueline ~ Professional Matchmaker 



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