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 I had another very good time at this event. Just the right number of people and a good gender balance. I met lots of smart, interesting people. My plan is to become a regular. 

Why Attend Events - Inspirational Testimonial:

" I have good news for you this morning!

I met a sweetheart of a woman at your pre-party on the 31st of December last year! We are beginning our dating and new lives together starting on the that wonderful unbelievable cinderellish evening!

I never thought that I would ever find that ne person that could make feel like a teen again.

Thank you, Thank you"


Thank you Jacqueline! I had an amazing night at the mingle! I showed up all spiffy and looking for an evening to have fun and meet some great people. I was a little frazzled as I don't navigate downtown very well. I walked in, gave you a hug and you told me to get a drink and to join in the fun. I got a drink and went to an empty table...hahaha. You pointed to a table right in front of me with 2 gentlemen sitting at it. I shook my head no and you again pointed and said yes. I said fine with a big smile! I walked up and asked them if I could join them. A wonderful smiling face turned around and said sure! We chatted for a while, then it was time to mix it up and move to another table. Towards the end of the evening I ended up at a table with Mr Smiling Face again! At this point we both couldn't stop smiling and he asked me if we could go somewhere more quiet and talk over a cup of coffee. Oh, what a wonderful end to that evening! We really enjoyed each other so much we went out the following weekend and have been dating ever since! Thank you for making this opportunity happen so I could meet such a wonderful man! Hugs and love to you!

Each time you purchase a ticket and attend an event receive a 3 month credit for our Basic Little Black Book Membership level - Be sure to add your profile to our membership and keep it current. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL 

Events with Discover Love Matches:

~ Happy Hour - Mid week break to meet with a small, cozy group of members. Share about our week and enjoy open conversations in a relaxed space, while enjoying yummy Happy Hour at local restaurants.

~ Mingle - We create these events to kick start your weekend. Often held on a Friday night so we can have fun and see where your evening goes. Wonderful opportunity to meet new people, while connecting with our regulars.

~ Socials - These are our BIG quarterly events where we go all out for our members. Dress up and be ready to shine. Plus lots of bonuses surprises happen at our socials so be sure to join every chance possible.

FOUR SOCIALS A YEAR - Valentine Party - Sizzling Summer Party - End Of The Summer Party & Annual Holiday Party

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