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10 Ways To Love With Style (DLA)

  • February 14, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • via zoom - Online or your phone


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Inter-active call with our Expert Stylist

February 14th   12PM PST

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Hosted by Professional Matchmaker Jacqueline with Ashley our Expert Wardrobe Stylist

Get your questions ready!


LOVE WITH STYLE: 10 Ways To Love With Style

The Golden Question: Would you date you?

  • Single: Do you have space in your life for a romantic relationship? (In your home, in your heart and in your mind?)

  • Relationship: Have you become too comfortable with your partner?  Do you still take time and energy to put yourself together and look nice for your partner?  Have you fallen prey to “legging-living” or “sports-jersey-living.”

Grooming: Don’t get lazy!

  • Single: Are you attracting the bee’s my little flower?  Do you smell nice? Look nice? Feel nice? Taste nice?

  • Relationship: When is the last time you changed up your routine?  New hair? New Cologne? New Shampoo?  New lingerie?

  • Generally Speaking

    • Brush your Teeth

    • Do your hair

    • Moisturize

    • Deodorant

    • Shave

    • Nails (avoid chipped nail polish)

    • Fragrance (Cautiously)

Date - Kit

  • Single: Always be prepared, for yourself or for your date.  I personally always like to have the following items on a date:
    - Band-aids
    - Touch-Ups (Lipstick, Cover-Up,
    - Mints (don’t smack gum)
    - $20 (cash)

- Hmmm Hmmmm… condoms

*The trick is to look like enough of a mess that you didn’t plan for it but also tools to keep you a Fresh-Mess

  • Relationship: Take note when you partner says “I love it when…” A pair of shoes you wear, a particular outfit, a body lotion, a necklace… what do you know they love to see you in?  Add these items together to make your date kit!  Plus maybe one or two other spicey things if you know what I mean.

Build Your Wardrobe Collections

  • Single or In A Relationship: Invest in your intimates, loungewear & Pajamas.  Not all at once but build up each collection so that it reflects your style, is comfortable but also looks nice.  Rule Breakers: Holes, stains, graphics or your “X” gave you that item.

Dress Each Other - Pick an outfit for your date:

  • Single: Take yourself out, buy yourself something new or get dressed up and call a friend for “Girls Night Out.”

  • Relationship: Pick the outfit you like to see your partner in the most and have them wear it out on a date with you.  Plan an adventure date or a nice romantic date, you choose based on the outfit you pick for them to wear.

    • In relationships it is also fun to just pick an outfit for their everyday too.  So maybe your partner picks what you will wear to the office that day.

The Persona Date:

  • Single: Imagine the person you would like to date. How would you put yourself together in that relationship?  Day-dream every idea from how you would act, where you would go, what you would do and what you would wear.  Then take yourself on that date.  See if you run into your dream man on your date.  

  • Relationship: Role play baby!  Make a themed date night!  Old Hollywood Glam, Off-stage rockers, Lost Hikers… be creative and have fun!

Date Night - Pretty Woman:

  • Single: Go shopping and buy yourself a whole new outfit!  Everything from head to toe and ask the clerk to wear each garment out of the store.

  • Relationship: Take your partner shopping and

Love Note Hide & Seek:

  • Single: write your closest friends a love note, just because.  Let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life and 1 reason you love them.

  • Relationship: This is one of my favorite things to do!  Take a sticky-note-pad and cover the house with obvious and hidden notes EVERYWHERE!  Obvious would be in the center of the mirror, on the fridge, on their pillow and on the TV remote.  Hidden would be inside their shoes, in their work bag, in their wallet, on their laptop screen or on the dashboard of their car.  Get creative

Sentimental Gifts:

Mark this time in your life and/or relationship with a gift.

  • Single & Relationship Ideas:

    • Jewelry, framed picture, symbolic cufflinks, money clips, cologne, mini polaroid camera, journal of daily gratitudes for the other person or ANYTHING engraved.

Purge Baby Purge: 1 Item

  • Single: Dare yourself to get rid of that one thing you know looks bad but you love it so much!

  • Relationship: Give your partner permission to donate one item of yours they can’t stand and replace it with one they approve of.  Ex: Shoes, Shirts, Underwear… anything goes!

Get ready to learn what it takes to have the tools you need to enjoy success at any stage of your love journey.

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