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FIND, ENJOY AND KEEP LOVE by Jacqueline Nichols

  • January 10, 2018 6:50 PM
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    So, you’ve decided you want to let love in your life. It is important to understand why you are single, and being open to embracing the possibilities of letting love in. With the right balance of Chemistry, Conversation and Charisma, anything is possible. The world of dating is competitive and you need to have an A+ attitude not only for dating, but to be able to move into a relationship. This is your time to shine above everyone else. Be the person that others can’t wait to see again! To truly shine above all others, you need to stand out.

    This is what I’ve found that guys look for:

    • Lots of laughter and good conversation, be fun to talk to.

    • Beauty, take time to look your best and carry yourself well.

    • Make him feel important and that you love sharing time with him.

    • Have topics to talk about and don’t leave the entire conversation up to him.

    • Focus on your time together and do not look to get attention from anyone else.

    • Be affectionate and attentive to him and the conversation.

    • Make him feel handsome and special with your compliments and flirty giggles.

    • Give clear signals that you want to see him so he knows that he can ask you out again. Here is what does not work for the guy and ensures he won’t ask you out again:

    • Complaining or over-talking about an ex spouse or past relationship.

    • Coming across as uninterested to be on a date with him.

    • Having nothing but your kids to talk about.

    • Dominating the conversation or not sharing very much about you, it’s a balance.

    • Not saying ‘thank you’ after the guy treats.

    • Feeling like the conversation was not natural or comfortable.

    • Being late for a date implies that he isn’t important to you.

    • Dressing too casually or looking messy shows a guy you don’t value your own appearance.

    • Not making eye contact, gives the signal you are not interested, even if you are.

    • Giving no signal that it’s okay to give you a hug or hold your hand denies any chance for chemistry to start.

    • Talking about how busy you are actually makes a guy wonder if your just saying that to get out of another date.

    I would encourage you to release all of the old ways you have been dating, it’s a whole new experience now. Focus more on enjoying yourself and being present on your date, and don’t be so quick to want to cross the finish line. People love to be around people who are fun, it’s infectious. So get your sexy on!

    Have your hair done and buy a new outfit! You’ll be happy you did.


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