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Preparing for a Date! A Head to Toe Guide

  • June 04, 2017 12:01 PM
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    Preparing for a Date!

    A Head to Toe Guide

    So the big date is here and you finally have a chance to meet face to face to discover a little bit about each other. Find out if they are who you thought they’d be and able to capture your heart. Every first date holds so many possibilities and if you can make it to date number 2 and 3 you could be on to discovering someone wonderful or check one more potential match off your list.

    When it comes to making dating success you first need to prepare for a successful outcome! Many people miss the ultimate chance for happiness by taking a first date for granted.  Get ready to be unforgettable!

    Men notice more than women ever imagine. Women are running their wish list through their mind from the moment they make eye contact. Your date’s opinion comes in a split second of meeting you. Arrive with an enthusiastic smile, great posture and a flirty/ confident walk. Men love a bubbly lady that takes pride in herself, while not appearing high maintenance! Women love a man that is masculine and took pride in his appearance while expressing his gentleman qualities.

    • 1.      Dress to impress! Please make sure that yoga pants or sweatpants never see a date. Unless of course, it is a yoga date!
    • 2.      Ladies, please take the time to accessorize. Gentlemen love to see that you take pride in your appearance. Pull in the waistband so top is not overly boxy. Wear scarves, bracelets, earrings and hair clips. Guys love the feminine touches!
    • Men actually stop and look in a full length mirror. Women are checking you out from bottom to top… make sure you have put a little extra into wearing an outfit that doesn’t scream you’ve been single too long!
    • 3.      Please wear minimal perfume/colognes and scented lotions. Subtle smells are nice, but be careful not to overload your body with too many scents. A touch on your wrist, and decollate, can be just enough for ladies. Make sure you practice with a scent before using it on a date! Perfumes react differently with every person. Men find a cologne that is masculine but not dominating. Your body chemistry will respond so be sure to get feedback when purchasing.
    • 4.      Make sure your clothes fit properly and hang correctly with your current body size. Don’t wear clothing that you look like you just lost 20 pounds or need to lose 20 pounds. Be comfortable, yet flatter your figure with your outfit. Feel confident.
    • 5.      Make sure your nails and cuticles are trimmed. Do not wear open toed shoes if your toes have not had some pampering recently. A manicure and pedicure are a nice way to relax ahead of time.
    • 6.      Ask yourself: Is my outfit freshly washed? Has it been ironed? Is it something current that I have purchased in the last 6 months? Friends can be great for honest advice.
    • 7.      Please pay attention to facial hair. Women can benefit from brow and upper lip waxing. Men watch out for those nose and ear hairs.
    • 8.      Ladies, if wearing a skirt or dress, please make sure those legs are shaved, smooth and sexy. Men notice legs!
    • Men wear clothing appropriate for the activities. If it’s a nice dinner don’t show up in worn out work jeans. Shave just before leaving so you look nicely groomed even if you are trying the scruffy look.
    • 9.      How recently did you have a haircut? Get a fresh cut if it has been more than 6-12 weeks based on how your hair grows. Make sure you have time to nicely style your hair before your date. A few products can do wonders for a polished look.
    • 10.  Brush and floss those teeth! Use some mouthwash, and feel free to bring along mints or gum to use on your way to your date! Please do not chew gum on your date. A teeth whitening kit can be beneficial!
    • 11.  A little sparkle on the lips is always good ladies and gentlemen have chapstick on hand if you have dry lips. Never attractive if you keep licking you lips… in the non-sexy way! Ladies avoid orange/red colors as it brings out the yellow in teeth.
    • 12.  Let go of the day to day distractions and be present on your date. Set aside your phone and your work to do list. Open up your heart. Let some walls down. Show your date you are excited to meet and spend time getting to know one another.
    • You really only have one chance to make a true first impression!


    Be Unforgettable and Be Someone Your Date Can’t Wait to See AGAIN!

    Even if your date isn’t the man or woman of your dreams you will at least know you created an impression he or she will always remember!

    Relationship expert, Jacqueline Nichols founded Awaken Your Future and City Girl Matchmaking, where her companies provide a wide range of personal dating and relationship support services. She has more than 20 years of experience helping women and men find success in love and over that time has gained a unique perspective that truly makes a difference when individuals and couples seek to find love, enjoy love and keep love.

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