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She recently moved to California 

Top Five Words To Describe Her Charming, beautiful, funny, intelligent, and most of all compassionate. Ok, ok, too many words!

A little bit about Susan - "I love living in the now! Life is to be lived, always looking forward to the future. People in general fascinate me. I enjoy their stories when they wish to share them. Most people find me easy to talk with and I truly enjoy listening. Being someone who is outgoing has brought many connections and friendships to my life. I also enjoy just relaxing and being home."

She's looking to meet -"A man who is still committed to personal growth, a person who is awake! Someone with strong smiling eyes who sees me. I'm alive, really alive. Meeting a fellow traveler who is also awake and committed to living his life passionately. He’s the one for me!"

Hobbies she loves - "Water, water, I love to be in the water! I love my yoga practice. Almost all the creative arts interest me as well as design and architecture.
My aging dog Mimi is more than an interest, having her as a companion when I was in Covid lockdown made a positive difference in my life."

Her goals and dreams - "Ah my senior years! Time to love, learn, and play, Above all else, practice compassion.’
I seek a loving partner who would enjoy travel adventures as well as adventures close to home. The point is to enjoy each other’s company and hold hands!"

She is a beautiful woman in her mid 70's and open to dating men from their early 60's to late 70's. Really age doesn't matter. It's about lifestyle and connection for her!

Susan had a very successful career building her own company and traveled often to Italy to grow her business. Now she is ready to share life with a dynamic gentleman that appreciates humanity and community plus loves to laugh!   

If you are ready to meet a woman full of zest and excitement for life, while out enjoying adventures or cuddling together then we invite you to fill out your profile. A unique opportunity to meet our incredible client.

If we feel you two are a potential match we'll follow up with additional information. 

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