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Jacqueline is a powerful motivator and leads others to great accomplishments with her masterful guidance and spiritually intuitive gifts.

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Love, dating, matchmaking and life guidance expert, Discover Love Matches Founder Jacqueline Nichols provides a wide range of personal, relationship and love support services. She has more than 20 years of experience supporting women and men to find success in their life, love and relationships. Through her years as a love expert she has matched incredible couples, saved many marriages and officiated multiple weddings.

Previous to building her Love Business she enjoyed the highly coveted status of driving the Pink Cadillac, while leading over 300 people toward achieving their dreams in business and life goals.

Over that time she has gained a unique perspective that truly makes a difference when individuals seek to raise their deserve level and enjoy life transforming results. She has a long and successful history of inspiring dynamic achievements in others. 

What started as Jacqueline utilizing her spiritual gift to listen to her angels when people wanted to find true love, has now become a very successful and thriving agency.  She began her original Professional Matchmaking Agency in 2010 based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Over the years she continues to turn her devotion to supporting people in all stages of love and dating, into a thriving success with many love stories crediting her for their happiness opportunities.

Jacqueline has an intuitive gift that helps to support and coach people on their life and personal journey toward finding and enjoying success. Clients credit her ongoing support and professional advice for keeping their life, love and personal journey enjoyable, long lasting and rewarding.

Realizing her power to guide transformations in a positive and unique style, inspired Jacqueline to start building a quality community for singles to connect. Discover Love Matches, is Jacqueline’s organization to spread the word of how to discover gratitude in life and love for the audience craving her unique message.

Connect with Jacqueline at  and watch her inspiring and amusing YouTube Videos, discover videos of her guiding you to success and gain tons of information for your Love Journey. Transform your life into the love story you always wanted.

Let Jacqueline encourage you, lead you, cheer you and celebrate with you. From her on going programs, one on one client sessions and motivational speeches for empowering groups, you will be sure to find something that moves you in the right direction for your love journey. She teaches a new level of success and happiness that you have always deserved and desired. Yes, you are worth it!

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