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As a dating coach and professional matchmaker for successful singles, Discover Love Matches founder, Jacqueline Nichols, provides personal, relationship, and love support services. She has more than 20 years of experience supporting women and men with finding success in their lives, love, and relationships. Through her years as a professional matchmaker, she has matched incredible couples, saved countless relationships, and officiated many beautiful weddings.

Prior to building her professional matchmaking agency, Jacqueline enjoyed the highly-coveted status of driving the Pink Cadillac while leading over 300 people toward achieving their dreams in makeup sales and life goals.

Over that time, she gained a unique perspective that now truly makes a difference in the work she provides for her clients. When her clients seek to raise their worthy-of-love levels and enjoy life with transforming results, anything is possible. She has a successful history of inspiring dynamic achievements in others.

Jacqueline has an intuitive gift that helps support and coach people in a unique way on their personal journey toward finding success in their romantic relationships.

What started as Jacqueline utilizing her spiritual gift to listen to her angels when people wanted to find true love has now become a very successful and thriving professional love and matchmaking agency.

She began her original agency in 2010 based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. To this day, she continues turning her passion for supporting people during all stages of love and dating into a thriving success. She is rewarded with many love stories crediting her for their newfound happiness, growth, and opportunities. 

A Little Back Story on What Inspired Jacqueline to Begin her Agency

In Jacqueline’s early 20s, she was a solo parent with her first child and busy running a very active daycare business out of her home, which, of course, limited her potential date options to just door-to-door salesmen!

When her son started referring to the other daycare dads as “dad,” she realized it was time to be more focused on finding her own love match. In those days, we didn’t have the internet, let alone dating apps!

Jacqueline found an advertisement in the Yellow Pages for a local dating company. It was an in-office service that had folders and folders of eligible singles that members of their staff had professionally met. Shortly after Jacqueline joined, she began meeting wonderful men of all ages and backgrounds. Through those preapproved match options, she fell in love, married, and had two more children. Years later, she even went back to the agency and provided professional makeup tips for their members getting ready to go on dates.

The spark to have her own love business began early in Jacqueline’s professional life, but while this dream remained, it was placed on the back burner of business ideas. After her divorce, she realized quickly that meeting people through dating apps removed a lot of her privacy, and without professional support, it would be easy to repeat past dating patterns.

After years of working with her spiritual clients, she noticed they were seeking more specific love guidance, and many of her clients wanted her to become a matchmaker to find their soulmates. Realizing she had a powerful gift to connect with her clients and envision the person they were meant to meet inspired Jacqueline to build a professional agency for singles to be introduced to one another while making dating productive and fun. Discover Love Matches is all about support for love with privacy and professional guidance.

Jacqueline's Valentine’s Date that Turned an Idea into Endless Love Stories!

You know those moments when one “YES” changes the course of your life? That happened when Jacqueline went on a date on February 14, 2010, with a very nice man. It seemed like it would turn out like any other first date. They hadn’t met before but were friends on social media.

While he fell fast for her, she knew quickly that they weren’t a love match and would only be friends. In fact, they are still friends to this day. However, something else clicked in her mind as she noticed how many missteps he made that turned her off from more dates but also how kind hearted he truly was. She caught herself thinking about ways she wished someone had coached him to be more inviting for dating, and she thought about other ladies that she could introduce him to.

Suddenly, an important shift occurred in her mind, urging her to become a professional matchmaker and dating coach for successful singles.

Exactly one week later, on February 21, 2010, Jacqueline launched her LOVE business. She acknowledged that it was time to say “YES” to being a professional matchmaker with effective coaching and began introducing wonderful singles to their forever love matches. Her spiritual clients were thrilled, and her business has been successful from the very start.

She is a big believer that there are too many amazing singles not finding one another and who merely need guidance to be more successful with dating.

Thankfully, that date was the ultimate inspiration for beginning her love business. Since then, hundreds of singles have begun their own love stories!

Connect with Jacqueline, watch her inspiring and amusing YouTube Videos where she guides you to success, and gain inspiration for your love journey.

If you're ready to transform your life into the love story you've always wanted, make sure that you sign for your 90-minute dating action plan and have your consultation to begin this journey. Discover what to do next on your dating journey to create your successful love story.

Jacqueline is ready to encourage you, lead you, cheer you on, and celebrate with you. With her top-notch coaching for successful singles, executive high-level professional matchmaking services, unique little black book membership, powerful courses, empowering groups, and motivational speeches, you will be sure to find something that moves you in the right direction for your positive love journey. She teaches a new level of success and happiness that you have always deserved and desired.

Yes, you are worthy of love right now!

If you're ready to transform your life into the love story you've always wanted, make sure that you sign up for our 90-Minute dating action plan. This will be the beginning of your love story.

Sign up for your private one on one consultation to get started!

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