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Frequently Asked Questions - Discover Love Matches

Welcome to Discover Love Matches, where we are dedicated to supporting you on your personal journey to finding love. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you get started:

#1 What is Discover Love Matches?

Discover Love Matches is a professional matchmaking and coaching agency that started in 2010. Our goal is to help you find authentic, loving relationships by offering personalized matchmaking services and dating coaching.

#2 Where do I start?

To begin your journey, add your profile for us to begin learning about you. We offer a variety of programs and courses, 

#3 Are your services free?

No, our professional services and memberships are available for purchase. However, if you're looking for more affordable options for dating coaching, we also offer online courses and workbooks, created by Profession Matchmaker and Dating Coach Jacqueline, that provides a variety of tools to help you navigate your dating journey. These resources can be accessed at your own pace and are designed to give you practical advice and guidance on everything from creating an attractive online profile to making a great first impression on a date. So, even if you're not ready to invest in one-on-one coaching, our online resources can still be a valuable asset in your pursuit of finding love.

#4 How do you find my match?

As an Elite Member, you will receive a private consultation, and access to our list of pre-approved singles to receive your personalized Match Suggestions. You'll be able to work on this private list and communicate with potential matches at your own pace.. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

 For executive professionals, our professional matchmaker will work closely with you to customize a program to help you find your perfect match. Begin with your 90-minute Dating Action Plan to do a deep dive with Professional Matchmaker Jacqueline and receive professional matchmaking once you select a membership - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

#5 What type of people would I meet in your private membership?

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, but they share one thing in common - they are all genuine and quality singles. They are individuals who are looking for a meaningful connection and are ready to take the necessary steps to find it. Our members are educated and successful in their respective fields, but they understand that finding true love requires more than just professional accomplishments. They are seeking a partner who can match them intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our members value personal connections and are tired of swiping endlessly through dating apps or going on countless blind dates set up by friends. They are looking for a more personal and genuine approach to finding their future love match. That's why they choose to join our agency, where we take the time to understand their unique needs and preferences, and carefully match them with like-minded individuals.

Our members are ready to flirt, date, and fall in love. They are open to growing on their love search, to be vulnerable, and to put in the effort required to build a meaningful relationship. They are looking for someone who shares their values, interests, and goals, and are willing to put in the time and energy to make it work.

In short, our members are genuine, quality singles who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and love. They are seeking a partner who can join them on this journey, and they trust us to help them find it.

#6 What makes Discover Love Matches unique compared to online dating options?

Discover Love Matches is different from online dating options because we focus on quality over quantity. We personally verify each membership application, including personality, interests, and intentions. Our expert matchmaker provides dating coaching and guidance to help you attract your best matches and succeed in dating. Our members are real and we know them beyond their profiles.

#7 Why hire a professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach?

Hiring a professional matchmaker and dating coach can greatly improve your dating success. Your matchmaker has inside knowledge and expertise to create match connections that you may have missed on your own. With our experienced dating coach, you'll receive valuable feedback and guidance to improve your communication skills and attract the right partner. Don't leave your love life to chance - cast the widest net and receive the best matches with professional support.

#8 How do you prequalify the people in your membership?

We carefully screen all membership applications by personally verifying each member's personality, interests, and intentions to ensure that they meet our standards. We prioritize getting to know our members beyond just their profiles, and require all members to complete a private consultation or attend an event based on their membership level. While we do not conduct formal background checks, our paid service, profile formula, and consultation process effectively filter out fake or non-genuine individuals.

#9 What is the age range of your members?

Our members range from individuals in their mid-20s to late-70s, with our largest age group between mid-30s to mid-60s. However, this continually changes as new members join us and current members fall in love.

#10 Where are your members located?

While 90% of our members are based in the Pacific Northwest, we are always adding people throughout the country and on the West Coast.

#11 How can I become one of your happy couples?

We are engaged in supporting our clients based on their personal membership level. Our expert matchmaker and dating coach offers personalized matchmaking services and coaching to help you attract and keep the right partner. The more engaged you are in our program, the better opportunities you have to find your love match. Adding dating coaching increases your success with a stronger level of understanding and improving your dating communications.

#12 Do you welcome LGBTQ+ singles as members?

Absolutely! Our agency welcomes all singles, including those who identify as LGBTQ+. We encourage everyone to join in the fun and actively participate in our dating community. You can also add your sexual orientation to your profile when you sign up on our Member Portal.

#13 Can I get a refund if I don't find my love match?

While we provide exceptional professional services and guidance, the end result ultimately depends on your engagement and commitment to finding your true love. We do not offer refunds or transfers as you are paying for the process of our professional work together. Our success depends on how much you utilize the resources available to you and follow through with the commitment to the process.

We provide you with everything you need to succeed, but we cannot guarantee engagement and activity from all our clients. We are confident that if you show up for this journey and put in the work, you will have a great chance of finding your love match and learning effective dating tools.

#14 What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We're always happy to help and support you on your journey towards finding love.

Please feel free to email us at or schedule a free 15-minute Q&A call to go over the program details.

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