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Frequently Asked Questions - Discover Love Matches

As a successful person in life, you know the value of making informed and educated choices to improve your accomplishments and reach valuable goals.

At Discover Love Matches, we are here to support you on a very personal and professional level through the process of becoming vulnerable to love while meeting quality singles seeking a genuine relationship

Finding your soulmate is not a numbers game; it’s about doing your personal homework as you keep open to the vulnerable journey of falling in love.

Once you have truly chosen to show up for love, beautiful possibilities will start happening, and you will be surprised how quickly you will move forward in finding a loving partner.

#1 Where do I start?

We have a variety of programs and courses to join, so it comes down to how committed you are to improving your love journey. 

We recommend joining our Love Matches community by signing up for a 30-minute or 90-minute consultation and become a Love Matches Club member. We'll get to learn about you and discover details about the relationship you seek. This is the first step in become a preapproved member and able to register for events. During your consultation, we can also review additional options to be more engaged in our agency.

If you are seeking professional coaching and match suggestions, we highly recommend signing up for our Love Momentum Program or Attract My Match Membership so we can dive right in with your journey of finding the relationship you desire while being supported by a professional throughout the process.

Ready for our Executive Matchmaking with individual match suggestions professionally provided by Matchmaker Jacqueline? Sign up for your initial consultation for us to get started - Executive Matchmaking

Professional matchmaking is our top-notch service that has matched an abundance of happy couples. It is for the individual who is READY to finally find love and invest in the support they want, as they expand their match options to quality singles.

Let us know which programs you are most curious about. Schedule a free phone chat -

Our professional services and memberships are available for purchase. If you are looking for a free service, we recommend checking out dating apps to see which aligns best with your goals. Though, we believe that nothing beats the quality of our professional services.

Looking for advice and a dating action plan? Starting with our 90-minute consultation that includes introductory coaching that will be very effective in jumpstarting your love success story.

#2 What makes Discover Love Matches unique compared to online dating options?

Our agency has been coaching and professionally matching people since 2010. Our longevity in the love industry gives you genuine and effective tools for dating success. Plus, we have a long and powerful reputation for bringing singles together.

Working with a dating app brings you nothing personal or customized, since it is just a numbers game with an abundance of distractions and often fake people on the profiles.

On the other hand, we are real people discovering real people of quality for genuine connections. We don’t believe in the numbers game, as that wastes your time and energy.

Our agency focuses on teaching you how to truly engage in the most important personal decision of your life as you seek authentic love. With many years of proven results, we personally know our members and design custom coaching steps to attract your best matches and guide you through proven tools for dating success. Our expert insight comes from real-life lessons and experiences with proven results.

Nowadays, most online dating options are about the tech and numbers, swiping right or swiping left dozens of times only to go on an endless amount of unsuccessful dates. We believe that your love life is not built on numbers but rather on a deeper understanding of what makes you click so we can enable your connection with your kindred love-mate. So, don’t expect endless swiping when you join Discover Love Matches. You won’t even think of the amount; instead, you will focus on enjoying authentic connections with our members while improving your dating success.

#3 Why hire a professional dating coach?

Successful people hire career coaches, fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, life coaches, etc. So, why not hire the coach that is going to make the biggest impact in your love life? Experience a new perspective by working with a love and dating coach who has years of professional matchmaking success.

Yes, Jacqueline has matched hundreds of couples since beginning her love business in 2010, but the difference is that she coached those successful couples every step of the way. It wasn’t just who she matched them with but more about how her clients improved their communications and dating expectations for greater success.

She’s been working with both men and women, so you’ll have direct insight into what is actually working effectively and ineffectively with dating. You’ll have real answers because your dating coach also knows many of the people you are meeting and can ask them direct questions for you. This reduces many miscommunications compared to when you date without support.

No more confusion about what to do next or how to translate the communications of someone you are wanting to date. Now, you have your own link to bridge the sexes together and make genuine love momentum when working with a dating coach who is an expert at matching the right singles.

Whether you meet singles in the agency or out fully living your life, you’ll now know exactly what to say and do because you are being coached by the best of the best. Adding in Jacqueline’s spiritual gifts will make a powerful impact on your success. Jacqueline creates a safe space for you to be vulnerable and open as you discover your love match. You’ll hear and learn things that you never thought about but always were curious to understand, which will improve your dating connections.

#4 How do you prequalify the people in your membership?

Our membership is about quality over quantity; therefore, one of our associates will check each membership application and will personally verify as much information as possible about the applicant’s background, interests, and intentions. We do not do an official background check, so you still need to be responsible for your own choices. Our filter system attracts quality singles ready to find their love match. As we prequalify our members, we can clear through those who don’t present themselves as committed enough for our clients or are displaying signals that alert us to any potential problems. Dating sites accept anyone and everyone, real or fake. We want to avoid this mistake by offering our members the opportunity to communicate and socialize only with legitimately interested, quality singles we have preapproved.

#5 How do you find my match?

Based on your membership level you will have a variety of opportunities to discover your match. Some programs you find your own matches through our events and promotions and some memberships we professionally select the match options for you.

  • Love Matches Club Members meet people via events and our higher-level members can select you as a potential match. This level doesn't give you access to our profiles unless you attend events or a member requests to meet you.
  • Attract My Match Members receive match suggestions based on your match preferences and you can message preapproved members that you would like to connect with. Discover more about our members via events.
  • Love Momentum Members receive dating and life coaching to find your match within our agency or out enjoying life. Maximizing opportunities through match suggestions from preapproved members and expanding knowledge with dating success.
  • Executive Matchmaking is a customized program based on your specific wants and needs in potential matches. We share with you professionally selected match options within our agency, while expanding our search based on your membership package.

Maybe your match is already a part of our agency or someone that will be joining soon. Either way, we are here for you and support you every step of the way through providing coaching, events and inspiration as new members join!

The more we know about you and the relationship you desire, the better we can support you on your love search. 

The more you join our events, the better opportunities to make an organic connection. Meeting preapproved quality singles helps you trust in the process that you are moving closer towards finding your love match.

Our guiding principle is that, when matching our clients, we begin with lifestyle and interests for the potential of sparking a connection that will increase tenfold. Other important criteria are your availability to date and what life stage you are at. For example, do you want to have kids or start retirement? When you hire our agency, we customize your program to support your goals.

As a Love Matches Club member, we actively promote you to our higher-level members for them to have access to your profile and message you when you spark their interest.

#6 What type of people would I meet in your program?

We want you to discover love and feel safe and secure throughout the process. That’s why we always put quality over quantity when it comes to our members. This ensures that you meet genuine people who are also ready to find, enjoy, and keep love just like you desire. We seek the type of people our members are requesting to date. We actively look for new people to introduce to our clients. You could also become a member yourself and enter the ultimate love lottery that'll give you a chance to be connected with our private clients. If you become a Private Matchmaking client, we seek members to join our program based on custom searching for your requests with your specific types of match options.

#7 What is the age range of your members?

We believe that you can find, enjoy, and keep love at any age, so our members range from individuals in their mid-20s to mid-80s. Both men and women are equally active in our dating community. Our largest age group is between their mid-30s to mid-60s, but this changes continually as new members join us and current members fall in love.

#8 Where are your members located?

Currently, about 90% of our members are based in the Pacific Northwest, as we began our agency in the area of Lake Oswego, Oregon... just outside of Portland, Oregon. We believe that love knows no limits, so we are very happy to add members across the country to increase our community of people who are seeking their love match.

#9 I’ve seen your Testimonials page. How can I become one of your happy couples?

After years in the matchmaking industry, we know that finding your happily ever after is not about algorithms or technical gimmicks. We understand that everyone has different needs and a unique love journey to follow. Thus, our program reflects our many learnings, and we have built an agency to support you with finding your desired love life while knowing you are being professionally introduced to the best possible match options. We would be absolutely honored to put your love story on our Testimonial page and will work hard to get you there.

The first step to becoming a LOVE SUCCESS STORY is choosing to be engaged and proactive in your love journey with our agency. Sign up to Become A Member and you'll be added to our database after you are preapproved. Join our Love Momentum ProgramBecome an Executive Matchmaking Client if you want the Ultimate EXPERIENCE. Ready to take it slow? Sign up for a course. The more you open yourself to learning, the better you’ll attract the right match.

#10 Is your membership open for LGBTQ+ singles?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome all singles, including LGBTQ+ individuals, to join our agency and become a member. And, of course, all are encouraged to join in the fun and truly participate in our dating community.

#11 Can I get a refund if I don’t find my love match?

When you hire our agency, we provide our exceptional professional services and guidance to the fullest degree, but the end result is based on you and your engagement for your own true love story. Finding your love match requires you to show up for this journey as well. We don't offer refunds or transfers to other individuals. You are paying for the process of our professional work together, and that will be a success based on how much you fully utilize what is available to you. The outcome will be a result of your commitment and follow through with the resources we provide you.

You’ll notice quickly that we hold up our commitment, and it’s up to you to act on what is professionally made available based on your purchase. While we will provide you with absolutely everything you need to make this a success, we can't guarantee that all clients will be engaged and active through the process. If you are committed to showing up for your desire to find love and do the work that is required, we are very confident that, with all the targeted work we do behind the scenes, you’ll have a great chance of finding your love match and learning effective dating tools.

#12 If I want to take a break from dating for a while, can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, we understand that sometimes you just need a break from dating to rethink your priorities or simply clear your head and focus on YOU, or perhaps you just want to give a new relationship a chance. That’s why we offer you the option to go on hold for a maximum of 3 months—one month at a time with our year memberships. We'll add your on-hold months to the remaining time for your current membership when you reactivate. A one-year membership could become a 15-month membership if you fully utilize the three-month on-hold option. Please notify us via email at when to pause your membership and when to reactivate it. We do not offer an on-hold option for three or six-month memberships.

#13 What happens if I put my membership on hold for longer than 3 months?

If you go on hold for longer than three months and want to rejoin our agency, you'll need to reregister at the new membership price and programs. Our focus is on keeping active and current members in our agency.

#14 I’m not sure which is the best membership option or program for me. What should I do?

If you have additional questions not answered here, please feel free to email us at or call (503) 877-4446 and request to schedule a free 20-minute Q&A call to go over the program details. You can also complete a 30 or 90-minute consultation to gain professional guidance as you begin your search for love.

Become a member

You will be able to join events and our high-level members can select you as a potential match.

Your consultation is a one-time purchase with no renewal fees, as long as you keep your profile current.

Private members will have access to view your profile and message you directly.

Sign up for a 30-min consult or 90-min Dating Action Plan to begin your love journey!

Ready for our agency to select your match options?

Sign up to become an Executive Client by starting with a 60-minute consultation to customize a plan for your goals.

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