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Founder Jacqueline NicholsBeing an executive in life and business has its perks but often creates a very busy lifestyle. We believe that just because you are active in your day-to-day life doesn’t mean you should wait to find your true love!

Being ready to hire a professional to discover the best people to date is a big decision. It will completely change your outlook to be very positive and productive when it comes to dating and relationships. 

As an Executive Matchmaking client, you are our TOP priority, and we want to make sure we have a clear understanding of who you are and what type of person you are seeking to be matched with.

Hiring a professional to screen for your potential love matches is a very intimate and private process. We get very close to our clients and work with people who are truly ready to show up for the journey and trust in our expertise.

Our devotion and commitment to our executive clients is a partnership we treasure and value. 

We give you 100% and cast the widest net for your search to discover your ultimate love match.

For us, it’s about finding the right person and not just the fast options to keep you busy. Even after you fall in love, we’ll be here through the rest of your membership to support you with building a foundation for a strong future together.

We are here to simplify the process of finding quality singles by professionally screening and selecting people for you. No more random dates or showing your profile on a dating app for all the world to see that you like long walks on the beach! Save that information for your special someone.

It’s true you can’t delegate flirting, and we can’t actually go on the dates for you, but you can give us the responsibility for the search and screening process knowing you are meeting singles selected just for you!

Can you imagine how great it will feel to truly not waste time messaging random people only to find out they aren’t even real or available for the relationship you seek? Are you excited to meet a quality potential match worthy of meeting you?

We actually know our members and can ask people additional questions when you need to know something more before beginning a dating connection. Do you ever wish you could have a few more details clarified before going out with someone new? Ever wish you could get pre-and-post-date feedback?

Being an executive matchmaking client gives you support, insight, and guidance to enjoy positive dating momentum.

When you are ready to have our professional agency screen dates for you, we invite you to sign up for your 90-minute dating action plan to get started. We’ll do a deep dive into everything about you and the relationship you seek. We ask very effective questions to genuinely know what qualities you are looking for and see how we’ll work together. Finding your true love is a very intimate process. We work together to find the right match for your incredible and important search. To begin discovering our exclusive matchmaking program, sign up for your 90-minute dating action plan and we'll customize a package for you based on what we learn during your session.

With our many years of successful matchmaking, we know the questions to ask and who is available in the dating world. We’ll be real with you. We want to know what you desire and what is important to you in a relationship, plus so much more!

As an Executive Matchmaking client, we actively create custom marketing to discover quality singles that fit your criteria. Our initial search begins with people we have prescreened already and then we begin searching beyond with our additional contacts and connections. It's a very customized search for singles you wouldn't find any other way. We guide you through the process until we find the right match for you.

We have a very large list of people eager to be selected as a potential match for our executive clients. The perks of being in the love business for a long time is that we know the best eligible singles!

Become an executive member for your exclusive, professional matchmaking by Jacqueline.

Ready for a private search with only select singles learning about you?

We are passionate about introducing real people to their true love match!

We will do all the pre-work for you to save time and resources from dating random, unknown people. Discover individuals you truly desire to date. All you must do is find out if there is chemistry!

Sign up to enjoy focus-driven results with dating success!


Professional Executive Matchmaking

Sign up for the ULTIMATE executive membership:

Once you have been accepted into our program, you’ll begin your journey by receiving professional match suggestions selected by Jacqueline.

  • We’ll send you access to view profiles from our agency showing individuals we’ve professionally selected for you. We’ll let you know why we think you two have great potential, and you can decide if you are interested in pursuing an introduction.
  • We send you one suggestion at a time. You’ll have the opportunity to review their full profile and ask us any additional questions before you say “YES” to an introduction or pass and request another option.
  • The number of match options you receive will be based on your requests. If you are more open to our professional suggestions, you’ll receive more profiles to review. If you are very specific with your expectations, it’ll narrow our list down but also target who you are seeking to meet more specifically.
  • Our office will professionally reach out to your match requests to begin the conversation and confirm interest is mutual.
  • We are your PR and promote you to members you are interested in discovering. You are both more than a profile. We personalize you and your matches so you can make a more genuine connection.
  • After you select a match from our professional suggestions, we'll make the introduction for you or you have the option to email the person directly.
  • Throughout your membership, you will receive updates on potential match options as we discover people you could be interested in meeting.
  • Date at your own pace. When you find a love match or life gets too busy, you are welcome to put your membership on hold for up to three months, and we’ll just add that time to the end of your year membership.
  • During your active enrollment, you'll receive unlimited match options until we find your love match.

Now, let’s get started! Sign up for your dating action plan, and we’ll get together. We look forward to learning about you and making your professional match suggestions after you sign up for a personalized matchmaking package.

Ready to begin this very intimate journey to find true love and enjoy the process?

We'll customize a professional matchmaking package for you at the end of your 90-minute dating action plan. Executive Matchmaking packages vary between $18K and $25K based on the membership features you select.

Sign up below, and we'll begin the exciting process of finding your love options.

See What Our Members Are Saying...

Excellent Coaching

As a matchmaker, Jacqueline performs a tailored service for people desiring personalized service. As a coach, she is very outgoing and friendly, encouraging her clients to do the same.

Painless and fun

Very much enjoyed meeting Jacqueline. She was warm, friendly, professional and clearly knew what she was doing. I'm looking forward to our next steps!

My experience...

I met with Jacqueline last week. I felt very comfortable and was very impressed with the interview process. This company was by far the most professional dating service I have ever come across.

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